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save the date

I made these really quickly one night a few weeks ago when I started to panic about people having information about the wedding. The idea came from an idea in Martha Stewart Weddings a few issues back. Martha’s was made to be a postcard, however I was a bit nervous about the little envelope making it all the way to the recipients houses with the rest of the card. I decided to adapt it a bit and make it an enclosure. I really like how it turned out, and had a great time hand stamping all of them.

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Some Tradition

As many couples come together these days there is a combining of religions, or in some instances an omission of one all together. Some choose to be completely secular, and some choose to add in traditions that they find important while omitting what is not relevant to them as a couple. We have decided to have a judge be the officiant at our wedding, however I would like to still incorporate some Jewish traditions. One of the components of a Jewish marriage is the signing of the Ketubah, the marriage contract. Traditionally, this contract was to lay out guide lines of responsibility for the bride and groom in their marriage. It is also the contract for the bride price, an important thing to be sure. In general I do not enjoy Judaic artwork, the aesthetic is just not one for me, that was until today.

I found the most amazing artist on line. Her name is Tsilli Pines, and she is an Israeli-American graphic designer. She lives and works in the pacific northwest, of course, and creates in her spare time. She has a whole web site full of amazing creations, but what really caught my eye were the Ketubah. They are so beautiful and not done in what I would consider to be Judaic aesthetic. She does custom printing for each piece as well. She has five text that are her standards, that range from reform to orthodox, and back to secular. You can also choose to have custom text printed and she seems to be very flexible. I hope that you love them as much as I do. (The image is a bit light on the white background, so please use the link and look at her beautiful works, this one is titled Moons)

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Put Your Stamp on It

custom stamps from 

After I had applied all of my stamps to the rsvp envelopes and they were nice and secure in my sealed and addressed outer envelopes I realized that I had heard the price of stamps was increasing sometime in the near future. And then I panicked.

It turns out that we are in the clear, stamp prices will be raised once cent to $0.42 on the 12th of May 2008. Our rsvp’s are due in before that, but for anyone who will be purchasing stamps for use after that date be aware of what you are purchasing and make sure to ask questions, not that you always get great answers at the post office. Also, you can save some money and purchase some of the 5 billion, according to the USPS web site, forever stamps that I have been put into circulation to prepare for the great money hike.

Also, you can purchase customized stamps for various wedding mailings. There are a lot of sites out there, on of which is, who offer this service. Make sure to have the post office weigh what you intend to use the stamps for so that you order them with the correct postage. Use your engagement photos for invitations, or a landmark where you will be wed. And for the thank you notes, choose your favorite portrait from the wedding, or event. This would also be so cute for birthdays and baby showers, or birth announcements. I have to also mention that this could go very wrong and be really cheesy, so walk the thin line with this and make sure that it is done tastefully and not tackily.

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All in One Place

the mini binder by Russell and Hazel

All of the wedding books tell you that you have to have all of your wedding information with you at all times. What if there is an emergency table linen disaster and you need to make a decision that cannot wait until you get home? The world could end. And lord knows, people do not have enough to carry around with them without taffeta swatches.

I decided to take this advice with a grain of salt, but knew that I needed to step up my daily planner and information storage system. And, as my parents tell you, I love a good binder, always have. Anything that is organizational I can’t get enough of. A few years ago, I came across Russell and Hazel, the ultimate affordable, fun, durable organization company for all things desk related. Their products can be hard to come by, at least a good variety in their product line, so I quickly went on their web site to see if there was a local retailer in Baltimore. Luckily, there was, Chelle Paperie, where we then had our invitations designed and printed.

mini filler paper by Russell and Hazel 

I decided to go with the Mini Binder, in gold, of course, and all kinds of great inserts. I loaded up with lined paper, a calender, an address insert and folders to place those little things that seem to disappear into your purse. I cannot recommend this company enough. I am still using binders that I purchased over 5 years ago, and that is saying a lot for me! So check them out you will be glad you did.

month table by Russell and Hazel

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Solo Show

The grooms man in our wedding, Fawad Khan, has his first solo show in New York, opening on the 13th of March. After attending MICA with JP, and then for his senior year, myself, Fawad move to NYC to earn his graduate degree from School of Visual Arts. After graduating he has worked in advertising, and has recently become a full time artist. We are so excited for him and cannot wait to see what unfolds. For more information on Fawad’s upbringing, and some insight into his work, please visit NY Arts Magazine.

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Finishing Touches

The one thing that I still do not have nailed down for the wedding is what jewelry I should wear. I think that for the ceremony I will probably go with a mid sized dual strand pearl, perhaps tapering in size from front to back. And I guess pearls for earrings as well, not a statement, I am aware, but I do like the simplicity of it. I feel like I should be very pulled together for the ceremony, but after that I am free to go. So, while some brides choose to have different dresses, for different times during the wedding celebration, I really like the idea of spicing things up a bit by simply changing accessories. I was looking at the Anthropologie web site this evening and found some nice pieces, well a necklace that I really love, and some earrings that I thought might be nice for someone who wanted to have some fun but not too much. But it is key to remember that you should keep balance in mind and choose either to have the earrings, or the necklace be the statement, not both. (I have been known to do this, but don’t recommend it!)

I also think that a wonderful piece of jewelry makes a great gift for people who you are thanking at the wedding, but not necessarily for them to wear during the wedding. Try to find a designer who they really like, or if you are at a craft/art fair and see something that just so perfectly fits your maid of honor, go ahead and get it. Who cares if they can’t use their gift in the wedding, probably better because they might be game for wearing it in real every day life. And if you are a laid back bride, I like to think that I am, you can let the attendants choose their accessories, and if you chose your gift wisely she will love it so much that she will want to wear it right away. So those are my thoughts on that.

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