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Vintage Florals

As part of my new non corporate life I am getting back to creating and crafting and it just feels so good. I am working into it slowly and trying to find a space in our house where I can create chaos and not have it be front and center, but that does not really exist because everything is really front and center in our house. But JP is putting up with it, as he does oh so well and we are really excited that I am working on things for myself again. I have placed a few of my flowers for sale at Red Tree in Baltimore, where I am working now, and loving every moment of it. I have to start making some fresh ones for the spring. And I am trying to figure out if I want to incorporate them into the wedding, and if so how. I can think of many ways I just do not want them to be to overpowering. I also set up some earrings at the store and within about half and hour a pair sold, we were all really excited. We hope that everyone’s holiday’s are going well and are full of cheer. JP is doing most of his shopping this weekend, well tomorrow night and then we will be making the rest of our gifts this weekend.

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Big Changes

Sadly, I have not been very active with the blog lately. We have been busy with holiday events and work, and all of the wedding plans that we had have changed. It took a bit of wind out of my sails and we are in the process of regrouping and setting forth a new wedding path. We are so excited about the changes, but have to start back at square one and that is never fun.

I am heading out there in the beginning of January and hopefully will get everything pulled together and secured.

But enough about all of that, one of the blogs that I read on a daily basis, Style Me Pretty, is having a DIY contest for brides and items that they are producing for their weddings. There was one entry that I really enjoyed and wanted to pass along.

photo from Style Me Pretty

I feel like this is a great project for any party, not just a wedding and what is printed on the card can be so custom and pertinent to the couple that it really gives it that nice thought out touch. I am so excited to see what all the brides come up with there are already about 4 or 5 things that I am going to incorporate into ours just from the suggestions so far.

I also think that I am going to be pulling out my Donna Hay entertaining book as well as some other craft books that I have to really pull out the details of the wedding. I am have found that there is really only one bridal magazine that I find interesting and helpful, Martha Stewart Weddings, of course, and other than that it is all blog based, but even that took some digging to get through all the crap out there. And even the blogs a lot of them have very planed and detailed, high budget weddings. While they are great to look at, they are not really reasonable for most of us. So I am turning to outside resources to draw my inspiration and tweak it to be wedding appropriate. I will let you know when I have boiled down the ideas to a choice few.

One other really great place that I will be drawing inspiration and talent from is my brides maid Melissa, she works in the display world at Anthropologie in Philadelphia and is an amazingly gifted artist. I am so thrilled to have her helping with the wedding and excited to get together and brain storm. If you take a moment to check out her web site, Paper Satchel, you will get a quick glimpse at her talent.

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Creat Your Own Cookbook

I am so excited about this new site that I found via another one of my favorite food blogs, well really my favorite food blog. The blog is 101 cookbooks and an amazing resource. Heidi’s food is amazing, and she published her first cookbook earlier this year and it is where I go to first for recipes these days.

So the new find is, this site is just so great. It enables the user to create their own hard bound cookbook. You can choose from ones that have already been compiled, Heidi has one, which is great and made up of her favorite recipes from her past years of blogging. Or, you can create and publish your own family recipes and upload photos to go along with them, I think this is such a great gift. When you purchase a cookbook you receive 100 recipe credits, much like in itunes if you purchase a gift card. You can then edit already created books, so that you are only receiving recipes that you want. The site is also paired with and you can search through their data base of 25, 000 recipes. The book is made so that you can take out, and insert recipes as you need. So when you order a book you do not need to use all of your credits as once, you can order them as you need or find them. I cannot wait to create my own and give it as gifts…

Also, JP received a really lovely voice mail from his Dad yesterday that he shared with me and it was really uplifting, heart warming, and gave us a little wedding cheer that we needed. I just wanted to share that tid bit, because it really meant so much to us.

We hope that everyone is having a good and cheery holiday season. Ours has not been that crazy yet, but in saying that, we have plans every night from Wednesday to Sunday… and it just keeps going from there.

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Fantastic Florals

I am looking for really simple, naturally inspired, primarily green and white fl orals. Through one of the other wedding sites that I have been frequenting I found Artfool, and really enjoyed some of their bouquets.

There were also some table set ups that they did that I thought could be really nice for the wedding. Perhaps a bit kitchy, and might need to be brought in a bit, a little more of a sprinkling, a little less of a theme. Because lets face it, I am not a camper and JP is not a miner, so the theme of having lanterns does not completely speak to us as a couple. But still something to think about.

I had been planning on using some vintage table linens to create runners from one person to the other, as done above for our table, or tables. Depending on what out set up ends up being. I think that it adds some intimacy especially if it is one great long table. And the vintage table lines are a touch of ourselves, well myself, that we can add to the event. Because, it really is about us and who we are and celebrating ourselves as a couple. Now I just have to figure out how to work JP into the mix…

Artfool also had some other images form another event that could also be a great inspiration. I see these as being more of a elegant rustic event table setting. Possibly a mix between the two is what will be best for us.

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Summer in Telluride

So today I have decided to venture into YouTube, I am really late on the whole YouTube thing and this was really my first visit. But I found a fun video of Telluride in the summer and thought that I would pass it along. The last bit is of Gunison which is not Telluride, but could be a nice place to go for a visit as well. So at any rate I hope that you all enjoy. Click on the photo to go to the video, I could not figure out how to get it right onto the page. Also I would like to mention that the poster for the video is YouTube user fgallina, so thanks.

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