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Great Find

I have found the best site ever. Well maybe the best site ever. But I love it, exactly what I was looking for and I did not even know that I was looking for it. Garnish, has all kinds of great little packaging to make all kinds of gifts, and kits and memories. Really the choices are endless. They have even made little kit ideas. They have done and mock up and then given you all of the pieces that you will need to complete it and a list of what you will need to add once you receive the packaging. I think that I am going to use this for welcome baskets for the wedding. But who knows I might also try and make some kits to sell here in Baltimore and see how it goes. At any rate, I highly recommend that you check out this site.

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Fun Finds

I found these great handmade silk flowers when I was wondering around the web today. They are from The White Aisle and have a really interesting story to go with them. They are all handmade in Phenom Pehn, Cambodia by young women who were sold into the sex trade by their families when they were young. 100% of the profits from these silk goods go back to the project. This will enable the company to not only pay the women salaries, but set up housing for these young women so they will no longer have to go back to the brothels at night. This is a new program but I think that it really has a strong product and will be able to grow nicely. The silk that is used for the flowers, and other products, is hand loomed Khmer (Cambodian) and local to the area that the woman are working in. Each flower is individually assembled, so no two are alike, much like the ones that I produce. The company is planing on expanding their offerings from roses, to gardenias, lilies and orchids. For $10 a bud I think that it is an elegant way to add a special touch to any occasion, and it has a great cause. I cannot wait to order some and come up with great things to do with them.

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Family time

It has been about a week, well exactly a week since our last entry. We have been busy with family and wedding arrangements. My Mom came into town on Tuesday afternoon and we were off and running on Wednesday at Hitched in DC, our first bridal salon. We had a wonderful experience there and found a dress that we both loved.

Wednesday morning we also picked up all kinds of goodies as Atwater’s in Belvedire Square. We love this place and could eat there for every meal. They make wonderful breads, all from certified organic flours ground at a family mill, and with great additions like grains, nuts, fruits and seeds, all organic as well. They also make splendid soups that are different each day. While I was enjoying my lunch there a few weeks ago they had order forms out on the counter for Thanksgiving treats that they would be offering. Let’s just say that I might have gotten a bit to excited and ordered a bit to much for the four of us, but we are moving through it all quite well and it should all be gone by the time that my parents leave tomorrow morning. Just in case you were wondering here is the run down of what we got. One quart of lobster butternut squash bisque, amazing but rich. One quart of roasted fall vegetable minestrone, i heard it was good, but there were a few to many veggies in it for me. A brioche, huge, we are still plowing through that, I might cut it and freeze it for french toast on some lazy Sunday morning. There was also a round of cranberry and walnut bread which was a great hit and we are going to pick some up for my parents to take home with them. And the finale were three pies. The first was a sweet potato, second was an apple pie with cheddar cheese crust, and the third a pecan pie, not to gooey or sweet, just right and the first pie to be finished as well.

On Thanksgiving we went to JP’s grandparents house for lunch and my parents were able to meet his family. We had a really nice time and enjoyed being with family and friends.

Friday we had the misfortune of going to a bridal salon in Pikesville, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The place was horrible, very uninviting, overall really creepy. My Dad said that it was like being at a used car lot. The sales woman was trying to pressure me into buying from them and did not listen to anything that I was say in regards to what I wanted. Needless to say we left quickly and without a dress.

Saturday was much more productive. We all went to brunch at Golden West in Hampden, a neighborhood in Baltimore that JP and I really like. JP lived there for two years and I am currently working at a store there, but more about that later. We then went to Chelle Paperie, and met with Katie about our invitations. We all loved what she had come up with and are really excited about the finished product. I know that I have mentioned the store before, however I just found there blog and it is really nice so that is the link that I used for this mention of the store, I suggest that you check it out.

After the the invitations we trekked down to DC to go back to Hitched to show Dad the dress that I am in love with. He put his stamp of approval on it, we did measurements and in a few months, well about 6 we will have a dress! I am so excited and cannot wait to see the finished product.

Today we are cooking the turkey that my Dad transported from Missouri here on Thursday. It is a heritage Red Bourbon turkey, they are very tasty and we are all excited to sit down to a turkey dinner, again.


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Share it with the world

JP and I went to Chelle Paperie, in Hampden yesterday to start the process of designing our invitations. We are really excited to be working with a locally owned store. The woman Katie, who we are working with to design the invitations also went to MICA. This is where JP and I went to school in Baltimore for any who might be wondering. And when I say working with to design the invitations, I mean that we came with an idea, some photos and some suggestions about packaging, colors and a few graphics and she is really doing the rest. We will meet with her when my parents are in town next week for Thanksgiving and we cannot wait to see what she has for us to look at.

The inspiration for our invitations comes from this amazing press, Mr. Boddington’s out of NYC, of course. The image above really has nothing to do with what our printing will look like, but I did not want to give everything away. In any case, you should check out their site, it is very inspirational, and keep an eye out in great stationary stores for their pressed cards.

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Feel the burn

On Sunday JP and I went and looked at a gym that just opened in downtown Baltimore and I ended up joining. I am really excited about the facilities and all the classes that they are offering. I went to a Pilates reformer class last night, which I loved, and am super excited to get back into it. Today I had a meeting with a ‘personal coach’ who checks in with me every 4 to 6 weeks to see how I am doing and what progress I am making. I have to say that it was the most effective and useful gym membership initial consultation that I have ever had. I even got to stand on a scale that also calculated how hydrated I am, what percentage of my body if fat, scary, and how much each of my limbs weigh, strange but I guess useful. Just in case anyone was wondering I am symmetrical in my limb weight. So I thought that the best way to celebrate the gym was to research desert for the wedding on line.

Apparently not everyone lives in the digital age because most of the vendors in Telluride do not have web sites. So I decided to find what I want and then find someone to create it for me, or at least find what I like and then go from there. While I have had no wedding cake luck I did find the cutes little petits fours, which I love to eat, but never do. Sadly, we do not live a petits four lifestyle, heartbreaking I am sure, but for a wedding everyone should have a petits four lifestyle. I will have to make sure that there are extras that we can pack up and nosh of for as long as they will keep, but more realistically, as long as they last. These are also monogrammed which I love, I cannot get enough of it. Monograms, monograms, everywhere.

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Wedding gifts galore

Today was a big day. We received our first wedding gifts. Well gift with a few goodies in it. JP was ecstatic because the gift was centered around glasses that he registered for. Even Porter got into the action and scratched at the box helping to tear the paper and open the gift, it was really a family affair.

We also learned today that the photographer that we liked will not be able to work with us so we are on the hunt again. She referred me to a few other people, one of which I had already seen and given a strong no to, and the other two I was unfamiliar with. Hopefully the gentleman who we liked will be around in the summer, looking at his photos it looks like, in true Telluride fashion, he travels a lot.

JP made it home safely from his trip at about 11:20pm on Saturday night. It was a long haul but everything turned out well in the end. Porter was excited to see him and is adjusting back into his normal routine.

And one more thing. We are starting to compile music for the big day and would love to know what songs are meaningful or great lasting songs in your opinions. We are looking for anything and everything and cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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